Contingency Planning

  • natural disastersWill your contingency/business continuity plan perform when the time comes?
  • Have you looked at all risks natural and human caused?
  • How will you take care of your most important assets, your employees?
  • How fast will you be able to restore your business and research operations?
  • Can you meet new USDA mandates on contingency plans?
      • identify types of emergencies common in your local area;
      • identify common emergencies that could occur at your particular type of facility;
      • outline specific tasks that the facility staff will undertake in an emergency situation;
      • establish a clear chain of command for all employees to follow;
      • identify materials and resources that are available at that facility or elsewhere; and
      • ensure that all pertinent employees are trained on the plan.



New Approaches to Vivarium Disaster Planning

USDA USDA Publishes Final Rule to Help Animal Facilities Be Better Prepared for Emergencies

OLAW Disaster Planning and Response Resources

USDA Disaster Planning for Laboratory Animal Facilities

USDA Activities to Initiate Emergency Planning Activities

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